Partner of butchers and fishmongers

Would you like to offer your butcher shop’s customers more than just fresh meat? Is your chef’s préparé your greatest pride? Then Suprima is the ideal partner for your sauces. Count on quality, delivery reliability, and personal contact.

From américain préparé to salmon salad

Many customers choose their butcher based on the sandwich spreads. Because homemade préparé, meat salad, or crab cocktail tastes slightly different everywhere. Suprima sauces are always the right choice. So you can make your fresh spreads in no time. Enjoy!

Catering with ease

Want a little more? It’s not only you as a butcher – when you scoop up minced meat or slice ham – who sometimes ask this question. Your customers may want a little more from your range too. As an ambitious butcher, you also have a number of ready-made meals in the refrigerated display case, like meatballs in tomato sauce. Fortunately, we have the ideal base for this as well.