Sauces for chips and pitas

What do chips and pitas have in common? They are tasty, easy, and create a cosy atmosphere. Do you prefer them in the evening as a quick bite or for lunch with colleagues? As long as there’s a tasty sauce to go with it, success is assured.

Deliciously Belgian

Belgian chips without a sauce are like a beer without foam: incomplete. Sweet, spicy, or something in between? Whatever your customer’s preference, Suprima is the right sauce partner for you. From a classic mayonnaise with a hint of mustard to the all-in-one Biggy burger sauce.

An ethnic palette of flavours

Suprima thinks internationally, both in terms of the recipe and the market. The sauces are also enjoyed in Turkey, Morocco, and Algeria. This led to a dozen sauces with an ethnic palette of flavours. It’s the ideal addition to your pita menu.